The History of American Urban Development Part 5: Post-War Period (1945–1973 CE)

What Changed?

The Hub and Spoke model of highway development was used extensively in the United States. Highway 495 is the wheel around Washington DC, while Highways 66, 295, and 395 are the spokes that service the hub (Washington). Source:

Jesus, that’s Suburbia

A house in Levittown. Within 3 years, 17000 homes such as this would be constructed within the suburb. Source:

Downtown USA: Population — 0

During the 1950s, there was a major move to clear slums within major US cities. This picture is from the Bronx. Source:

The Baby Boom, Immigration, and Urban Life

Graph of US birthrate, showing an increase during the period mentioned. Source:

Concluding Statements




A weird little author who loves to write about history and human sexuality.

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kimberly e.a.b

kimberly e.a.b

A weird little author who loves to write about history and human sexuality.

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